English Menu  

Dinner time(17:30~22:00㏘)   Tax excluded


1. Salt-fermented squid     300yen

2. Japanese pickles     400yen

3. Jako(dried young sardines) tempura     400yen

4. Raw tuna     500yen

5. Raw tuna and and row squid and natto(fermented soybeans)    550yen

6. Kelp-cured mackerel     450yen

7. Stewed beef tendon(soy sauce flavor) 450yen

8. Seasoned boiled egg and roasted pork filet 550yen

9. Sausage stir fry 550yen

Recommended dishes

10. HATCHOBORI MAKI (Hand-rolled )                                              980yen

~Wrap raw tuna and 7 fillings with seaweed as you like.It goes well with sake and rice!~


11.Potato salad                                               500yen

12.Japanese radish salad 500yen

13.Shrimp and avocado green salad with mayonnaise             550yen


14.Grilled sardine with "Mentaiko"(spicy seasoned cod roe)      400yen

15.Oyster gratin in a shell(2pieces)         900 yen

16.Deep-fried tofu with minced meat(Pork)and miso                    600yen

17.Deep-fried tofu with Mentaiko ,cheese and mayonnaise           600yen

18.Grilled  squid(soy sauce flavor)                                   800yen

19.Grilled pork loin with miso                                                                      750yen

20.Grilled chicken round with miso                                                           750yen


21.Deep-fried horse mackerel(1piece)                                     300yen

22.Deep-fried oysters(3pieces)                                         600yen

23.Deep-fried squid legs                                             350yen

24.Japanese fried chicken(4pieces)                                                     600yen

25.Japanese delicious rice                                                                  200yen

                Blend of "KOSHIHIKARI" from Niigata and "HITOMEBORE" from Miyagi.

26.Miso soup of the day                                                             250yen

27.Rice ball (Grilled salmon/Pickled plum/Mentaiko)                  250yen each

28.Grilled rice ball (soy sauce flavor)                 300yen

Drink menu 350yen~

Sapporo beer ・Wine・Sake・Plum wine・Shochu・ Shochu soda・Whiskey and soda 

Coke・Ginger ale etc…